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Weblink Terms & Conditions

Please note that Weblinks are only available to the original purchaser of the Kamco Clearflow Pump, and must be a company or individual based in the UK or Ireland. We do not provide links if you have purchased a second hand pump.

Inclusion on our Power Flushing Engineers web page does not entitle you to claim or imply (either on your website or by any other means) that you are 'approved by', 'recommended by', 'authorized by', 'accredited by' or 'certified by' Kamco Limited.

We are happy for you to state on your website that you are, for example, a "Power Flushing Professional using Kamco Equipment" and, if you have attended one of our training sessions then you can state that you have been 'trained by Kamco'.

We will not provide links to websites which show a bias towards our competitor's products. However, if your site mentions that you use both our products and those of a competitor then we will consider providing you with a link.

We will only provide Weblinks to private, dedicated websites (i.e. where you own the domain address). We do not provide Weblinks to sites/pages which are hosted on social media (e.g. or on other Trade Websites (e.g.

Images and text on the Kamco website are subject to copyright but, if you own one of our Clearflow pumps, you may use them on your own website to help explain the service you offer to your customers.

Weblinks are intended as a means for householders to find a local power flushing engineer, so we will not consider links to companies/websites which do not offer this service.

We will not provide links to sites which display inappropriate or offensive material.

Breaches of the above terms will result in the removal of the link.