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In hard water areas, the use of water in heating and cooling systems invariably results in a build up of limescale (hard water) deposits within the system, usually in the highest temperature zones. The resultant scale not only restricts water flow, but acts as a very effective insulant, reducing heat transfer efficiency and increasing running costs.

Heavy scale deposits can also lead to localised overheating of heat transfer surfaces, resulting in premature failure of heating appliances.

In all areas, rust and corrosion may take place in heating and cooling systems, leading to a build up of corrosion deposits and a reduction in efficiency.

Scalebreaker range of chemicalsKamco has a full range of SCALEBREAKER TANK MOUNTED DESCALING PUMPS purpose built for descaling and chemical cleaning of heating plant, heat exchangers and cooling systems. All units incorporate pump, tank, flow reversing device, hoses and fittings in a neat, portable unit that safely contains chemicals during descaling.

Applications include descaling chillers, condensers, heat exchangers, domestic boilers, calorifiers, steam generators and boilers etc, and descaling and cleaning cooling coils and pipe work of equipment ranging from injection moulding machines to synchrocyclotrons.

For use with tank mounted pumps, Kamco has a range of carefully inhibited descaling chemicals and associated descaling products, detailed on the SCALEBREAKER DESCALING CHEMICALS page. For advice on the correct pump and chemical for any application, contact our telephone help line.