Kamco Professional Power Flushing Pumps & Descaling Equipment
Powerful Power Flushing Chemicals from Kamco


Kamco Power Flush FX2 - High Performance Power Flushing Chemical - No need to pre-treat
Power Flush FX2 'One Shot!'
high performance flushing liquid
500ml 5 litres 10 litres
  • Cleans systems in one visit
  • No need to pre-treat
  • Rapidly dissolves sludge and corrosion deposits
  • For use with Kamco clearflow pump
Kamco Non acidic flushing liquid
Hyper Flush
Non acidic flushing liquid
2.5 litres 10 litres
  • Non acidic sludge and corrosion debris mobiliser and dispersant
  • For commercial or domestic systems
  • For use with kamco power flushing pump or with system circulator pump
Kamco Scale and corrosion inhibitor
Systemsafe DM
Scale and corrosion inhibitor
2.5 litres 10 litres
  • Long term corrosion and scale prevention for heating systems
  • Suitable for all metals including aluminium
Kamco System Pre-Clean Pre-commission Cleaner
System Pre-Clean
Pre-commission cleaner
2.5 litres 10 litres
  • Removes problem contaminants from new and modified systems
Kamco System Hush - Boiler Noise Silencer
System Hush
Boiler noise silencer
2.5 litres 10 litres
  • Removes light scale from boiler
  • Heat exchangers during normal system operation to cure boiler noises
  • May be left in system without draining
Kamco High Performance Power Leak Sealer
System Seal
Leak sealer
2.5 litres 10 litres
  • Seals weeps and leaks in difficult areas
  • Will not block pumps or valves
  • For conventional and sealed systems
  • Suitable for use with aluminium
Kamco Neutralising Crystals - Neutralises FX2 after flushing
Neutralising Crystals
Neutralises FX2 after flushing
1 shot tube 2.5 kg 15 kg
  • Added to Clearflow tank and circulated to ensure neutralisation of chemical residues